What size cakes does the Cheeky Cake Maker make?

​The kits make pieces to suit pans commonly used by (FPA) Face Paints Australia, TAG, Artycake and Global to name a few.

Internal container dimensions are -

Splitcake size - 50mm x 61mm x 10mm (1.97" x 2.4" x .39")

Onestroke size - 26mm x 50mm x 13mm (1.02" x 1.97" x .51")

You don't have any that size?? Empty containers for sale right here.



Standard orientation - Stripes run along the short edge

Longways orientation - Stripes run along the long edge 


Which Cheeky Cake Maker kit should I buy?

That depends what sort of cakes you like to make! 

Choose the STANDARD kit to make these cakes.
Choose the STANDARD with DOME kit to make these cakes.
 Choose the LONGWAYS DOME kit to make these cakes.
Choose the LONGWAYS FLAT kit to make these cakes.
Choose the DELUXE kit to make all of these cakes.


How do I use the Chroma Caddy Press Deluxe?

BLACK PLUNGER - Solid block to fill each container.

PURPLE PLUNGER & PURPLE SIDE of SINGLE BLOCK - Block to fill half the compartment.

BLUE PLUNGER & BOTH BLOCKS JOINED - Onestrokes. Use the small spacers to change the depth of the cavity to make thinner wedges of paint.

The depth of the cavity when the desired plunger is level is 9mm. The thinnest you can make a solid block to fill the whole compartment in the caddy is 7mm. (The plunger would be sitting directly on the main housing and not level with the top)

You can use the below table when using the blue spacers and corresponding blue plunger and blocks.

9mm wedge of paint = no spacer
8mm wedge of paint = 1mm spacer
7mm wedge of paint = 2mm spacer
6mm wedge of paint = 1mm + 2mm spacers
5mm wedge of paint = 4mm spacer
4mm wedge of paint = 4mm + 1mm spacers
3mm wedge of paint = 4mm + 2mm spacers
2mm wedge of paint = 4mm + 2mm + 1mm spacers

As to how much paint to put in - when completely squished and flat with the desired plunger level at the top, the paint will be 6mm lower than the top edge of the cavity so fill the cavity accordingly.

*earlier versions may have the blue and purple colours reversed - the idea is the same though, just make sure the colours match when you're using it and it will be fine. 

Where are your products made?

Most Cheeky Button Products items are hand made right here in Melbourne Australia by little old me!

Do you ship to my country?

Yep! Shipping costs will be calculated at the checkout before you finalise your purchase.  There are some places (particularly during the Covid19 pandemic) that Australia Post do not ship to, but there may be courier options available.  Should you get through to the checkout and be unable to complete your purchase, please email info@cheekybutton.com.au and we will do my best to see if we can get you what you need! 

What if what I want to order is out of stock?

There may be a back order option available. If there is, just select the back order option and finish your order to secure your place in the waitlist once stock is available again. If there is no back order option email info@cheekybutton.com.au so I can see if there's anything I can do.

What if I don't know how to use my press when I get it?

Don't worry!  There are comprehensive, easy to follow colour instructions supplied with the kits. Once you have made your purchase, you can also jump onto the Cheeky Cake Maker Owner's group on Facebook where you'll find heaps of information and tips and tricks to help you get started and chat with other users.

I'm currently in the process of getting some videos together - but I'm no tech expert so it's slow going, but I hope to have them ready shortly.

Or if all of that doesn't work for you, feel free to get in touch with me at info@cheekybutton.com.au and I will be happy to help you get started.


How do I wash my Cheeky Cake Maker?

For the plastic parts - just warm (not hot) soapy water followed by a spray of isopropyl alcohol or other similar disinfectant before you use it again.

The timber press just needs to be wiped down with a soft cloth and for persistent marks - a gentle cleanser can be used.  Just don't immerse it in water. 

Haven't found your answer?

Just email me at info@cheekybutton.com.au and I'll try and answer it for you.