Chroma Caddy Press

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Fill your Blazin’ Brush Chroma Caddy trays with ease using the Cheeky Button Products Chroma Caddy press. 

The Chroma Basic makes whole blocks of paint the perfect size for the compartments. 

The Chroma Deluxe makes whole block pieces, half block pieces AND pieces for onestrokes! (Pics to follow soon!)

The Chroma Deluxe with Press is the Deluxe set plus the Timber press machine.

The kits can be used with or without the timber press machine, but it will depend on your grip strength. Squeezing with really firm hand pressure is enough if the paint is soft and if it’s firmer paint – pressing with your elbow or even your heel does the job quite nicely. The only time you’ll struggle without the machine is if you’re using extremely hard or crumbly paint or if you have limited grip strength.

All kits come with a packet of 80 large protector sheets for mess free filling. Replacement protector sheet packs can be purchased here -


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