Cheeky Cake Maker face paint press

Whether you already make your own rainbow cakes by hand or would like to start, the Cheeky Cake Maker Paint Press is a must have investment. It is precise, hygienic and easy to use, with little to no paint waste.  This tool allows you to easily create cost-effective, beautiful, unique and successful cakes - over and over again.

The press is an absolute work of precision engineering and passion. I have personally taken thousands of hours to design, produce and test it to create a product that works every time.  It is a high end product that allows the user to produce detailed and intricate cakes that will set you apart from the pack as a professional face painter.

The press is available with a number of custom designed and easy-to-follow colour coded components and full colour instructions, so you can create paint strips of varying widths, down to the millimetre. Put them all together and rainbow cakes, split cakes - even domed onestrokes - will become a cinch to create. 

There is minimal mess, no direct paint handling and little to no paint wastage. The press can easily handle scraps, hard paint and that crumbly colour that used to be near impossible to use.

Take the guesswork out of making paint combinations. You will be able to create your own perfect rainbows over and over again as you build up a library of successful “recipes”.

Not sure where to start? Cheeky Cake Maker Paint Press owners will have access to an exclusive Facebook support group. I’ll be offering detailed help and instructional videos, exclusive colour theory classes and tips for best use. And of course, you will also have access to each other’s learnings.

The Cheeky Cake Maker Paint Press comes in it's own storage box and for a limited time only, with a free measuring plate and spatula.